1GB Dropbox Permanent FREE –  Combined 2 Dropbox Accounts To One For Get Double Space

1GB Dropbox Permanent FREE – Combined 2 Dropbox Accounts To One For Get Double Space

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18GB Usage is relatively sufficient for normal demand! But if you have more storage needs than Dropbox is available. Combine 2 Dropbox Accounts Make One to Double the Storage Capacity !!!

If you have two 18GB Dropbox accounts when combined you will have 36GB of storage

* Doubling the amount of space here does not mean that Dropbox will merge 2 files into one, but you will have two separate folders, each with 18GB of storage, a directory for storing photos, music files, and data. Personal / 1 folder for file storage for work such as ... Share function, send and receive link of each directory is still completely independent - Overall quite convenient !!!


Dropbox interface after merging 2 accounts on iOS

Interface after merging two Dropbox accounts on the Dropbox application on Windows, 2 separate directories appear, each corresponding to a separate account active !!!

First you have to have 2 Dropbox accounts already
Two accounts are two different email addresses
After merging two accounts into one you will have:

- Just log in 1 in 2 emails only - you will be in both accounts
- On a web-based interface or desktop synchronization application will split 2 distinct Foder, each Foder corresponding to one account.
- Share, send, receive ... files of each account is still active independently !!!

Step 1 :
Login to your Dropbox Account Number 1 on your web browser

On the web interface at the left column click on the "Team" icon.

Next click "Create free team" 

Step 2 :

The team creation window shows you fill in the Team Name (name as you want). This name will become the folder name for your Dropbox account number 2.

Check "Make my current Dropbox a Team Dropbox" and create "Create Team Dropbox"

Step 3 :
New team window appears
You fill in any email - it does not matter - Then press Continue
Step 4:
Dropbox Team was created !!!
The main purpose is to appear "Personal" - you click on the name displayed on the right corner will see
Click the "Personal" icon (as shown).


Step 5: The Presonal tab pops up, select Sign in, enter your Dropbox account number 2 and password and click Print (as shown below).

Step 6:
Now you only need to sign in once, the same web interface will appear 2 tab of your two Dropbox accounts

* To check the size of the settings you will see two tabs containing 2 different storage capacity of two accounts Dropbox

So I have finished the way to combine two Dropbox accounts as one to double the storage capacity !!!

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